Our U12 life repair service includes

  • Full analysis of your U12 life
  • Repair feasibility analysis
  • Porposal of the needed spare U12 life
  • Installation of the new parts by a HTC qualified technician
  • Test of your U12 life

Benefits of our U12 life repair service

  • Immediate quote for your U12 life
  • Most U12 life repairs are done in 24h
  • Only original HTC parts (if possible)
  • Replacement device in case the repair lasts longer than 24h

Témoignages concernant réparation HTC U12 life

  • Peter Bangma April 2017

    great service very friendly and helpful 10 out of 10!! MANY THANKS

  • Patrick Miltoni April 2017

    alway trying figure out solution great service.....ill see you guys soon